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In the year 1970 Wolfram Rottsieper founded the company Koring + Rottsieper Edelstahl in Remscheid-Hasten which was his home town. Within a short space of time this name became synonymous for rust, acid and heat resistant stainless steel quality for long and flat products. During this period the product range was continually extended.


Store capacities were increased after moving into own premises offering railroad connection and being placed centrally at a major road B229. The company experienced further growth and established itself firmly on the stainless steel market. 

From 1985 until his death in 1993 Wolfram Rottsieper ran the company as sole director and shareholder. logo footer rostfrei

Now in the second generation Heike Rottsieper-Halbach runs the business of the company as executive shareholder while steadily developing the enterprise.


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